UC Campuses may engage in sponsored projects involving one or more UC campuses. A Multi-Campus Award (MCA) is an agreement that transfers a substantive portion of a project under a prime award (grant, cooperative agreement, or contract) to another UC campus(es). The UCLA OCGA Outgoing Subaward Team issues all outgoing MCAs under prime OCGA awards (grant, cooperative agreement, or contract).

Multi-Campus Award (MCA) Procedures

This process for MCAs is similar to Subawards, except:

Proposal Process

  1. UCLA PI/Department should request the MCA Commitment Form (or FDP Expanded Clearinghouse Pilot Subrecipient Letter of Intent as applicable) instead of the Subrecipient Commitment Form. Like the FDP Expanded Clearinghouse Pilot Letter of Intent, the only additional documents needed from a participating UC campus are:
    • UC participating campus' Statement of Work.
    • UC participating campus Budget and Budget Justification.
    • UC participating campus Cost Share Budget and Cost Share Budget Justification (if applicable).
    • Any other documents requires by the Sponsor Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA).
    • Other documents noted by the Subrecipient Commitment Form, as well as the Determination Checklist, are not needed for participating UC campuses.
  2. UCLA PI/Department prepares a proposal including a participating UC campus' information.
    • When utilizing UCLA's federally negotiated indirect cost rate, the full amount of the UC participating campus' cost is excluded from the UCLA MTDC calculation. UCLA does not assess indirect costs even on the first $25,000 of another UC participating site.
  3. Forwards the completed UCLA proposal package, including the internal documents listed above for participating UC Campus, to OCGA/DRA for review and submission.

MCA Issuance Steps

  1. When the prime award is received in OCGA, the UCLA PI/Department obtains any subsequent paperwork needed from participating UC campus’ Authorized Official that was not received at the proposal stage (ex. Revised statement of work or revised budget/justification).
  2. UCLA PI/Department prepares MCA Checklist and submits it to the MCA email address noted on the MCA Checklist form, along with the OCGA Award Snapshot and participating campus' Commitment, scope of work, budget, and justification.
  3. OCGA Subaward Team prepares and issues MCA in accordance with UCOP guidance and format, including attaching copy of the prime award and emailing it to participating UC campus’ Authorized Official, with copy to UCLA Extramural Fund Management (EFM) and PI/Department Contact.
  4. Amendments
    • Follow steps 4-6

MCA Monitoring

  1. UCLA PI monitors participating campus’ technical progress through the life of the project, including collecting technical reports noted in the MCA agreement.
  2. EFM receives intercampus request for reimbursements (IRR), including the final IIRR as noted in the MCA agreement.
  3. UCLA Department/PI receives/collects any other reports as noted on the MCA agreements, such as patent, equipment, etc.; however, there is currently no Close-Out Certification for MCAs.

MCA Commitment Form & Checklist

Required Forms

Page Last Updated: June 22, 2017