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OCGA’s mission is to support UCLA faculty in their sponsored project activities by providing expertise, assistance, and education.

What we do

The UCLA Office of Contract and Grant Administration assists the campus research community in reviewing, approving and submitting proposal applications and negotiating and executing contracts and grants from government and non-profit sponsors. OCGA has primary responsibility for the interpretation of University-wide and campus policy, sponsor guidelines, and applicable federal and state laws and regulations related to governmental and non-profit sponsored activities. OCGA also executes all outgoing Subawards issued under grants or collaborative agreements.

Revised EPASS 5/6/2021

The EPASS Form was updated on 5/6/2021. Please use the most recent version.

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Current Announcements

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Reminder from NIH to Work with OCGA When Sending Inquiries
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OCGA Training Opportunity: What Constitutes a Complete Proposal Package?
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Updated OCGA Subaward and MCA Checklist Forms
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Updates to NSF System
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Proposal Deadline Calendars – Spring Quarter 2021
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