The UCLA Principal Investigator, or their department, informs the OCGA Outgoing Subawards Team (OST) when a subaward or MCA is to be amended. Common reasons for amending a subaward or MCA include providing additional funding, extending the period of performance, modifying the reporting schedule, or changes in prime award terms.

Some subaward/MCA changes may require prior approval from UCLA's sponsor, including changes to third party's scope of work, Principal Investigator, or subrecipient entity/participating UC campus.

To Request an Amendment:

The Principal Investigator, with assistance from their department:

  1. If the change requires prior approval, follow the Prior Approval Request process to submit the request to the OCGA Awards contact. 
  2. For outgoing subaward amendment requests, email a current and complete OCGA Subaward Checklist and applicable documents to
  3. For outgoing MCA amendment requests, email a current and complete MCA Checklist and applicable documents to

More than one amendment may be requested at one time.

Administrative actions that are considered internal to UCLA may not require a subaward or MCA amendment, such as: 

  • Carryforward for subawards and MCAs with automatic carryforward
  • Internal de-obligation of funding under awards with restricted carryfoward

Help ensure outgoing subawards and MCAs are issued in a timely manner by compiling the required documents as soon as possible. For example, review and collect outstanding subaward/MCA documents immediately after notification is received that the prime award will likely be issued to UCLA, such as at just-in-time (JIT). 

Last Updated: October 19, 2023