Overview of Negotiation Process

  • Once an award is received by OCGA, the terms and conditions are reviewed for consistency with University policies.
  • If there are problematic terms contained within the agreement, negotiation begins with the funding agency.
  • If the award agreement is consistent with University policies, OCGA will proceed with accepting the award.

Potential Sources of Delay of the Acceptance of an Award

  • Missing or incomplete internal documents (i.e. Fully Executed EPASS, COI, Subject Approvals or PI Exception)
  • UCLA and sponsor must reach mutual acceptance of complex terms and conditions such as publication, indemnification, patent, termination, IP rights, or royalty share, etc.
  • UCLA and sponsor may involve third-parties in negotiation (i.e. UCOP, legal counsel, Risk Management, OIP, etc.).
  • For more detailed information regarding Institutional Policies and Research Policies, as well as the link to the UC Contract and Grant Manual, please see our Institutional Policies and Procedures Page.

Description of Unfunded Agreements

  • Unfunded Agreements are non-monetary in nature and may be handled by various campus units. Some examples may include data use agreements, MOU, confidentiality agreements, etc.

Page Last Updated: June 22, 2017