After determining that an outgoing subaward or multiple campus award (MCA) should be included in the project, the UCLA Principal Investigator (PI) works with their department to:

  1. Collect (from the subrecipient/participating campus) and review the following subaward or MCA proposal components:
    • UCLA Subrecipient Letter of Intent (LOI) or UCOP MCA Commitment Form completed and signed by the subrecipient's or participating campus' authorized official
    • Scope of work (SOW) that describes the  subrecipient' or participating campus' objectives, tasks or deliverables, milestones, and timeframes
    • Subrecipient's or participating campus' detailed budget and budget justification in UCLA's sponsor's format
    • Subrecipient's or participating campus' cost share budget and budget justification, if applicable
    • Other proposal documents required by the sponsor
  2. Additionally, if the subrecipient is a for-profit entity, the UCLA Principal Investigator completes a Fair & Reasonable Cost Analysis.
  3. Submit the UCLA application including the subaward or MCA proposal materials to OCGA in the electronic EPASS system.

Subrecipient Institutional Information Form (SIIF) (for non-FDP Expanded Clearinghouse members), completed by the subrecipient, is also required prior to award – this form is not required at proposal stage

Participating UC campuses may submit the UCLA Subrecipient Letter of Intent (LOI) or UCOP MCA Commitment Form. 

The subrecipient's or participating campus' scope of work should:

  • Provide sufficient detail to assess work proposed against actual performance.
  • Not include work performed by UCLA as the prime awardee

Add a Subaward or MCA after Proposal Submission