Under Uniform Guidance UCLA is responsible for ensuring that funds provided to subrecipients and participating UC campuses through subawards and MCAs are spent in accordance with UCLA's sponsor and subaward/MCA agreement terms, applicable laws, and regulations. Subrecipient monitoring is a shared responsibility involving the UCLA Principal Investigator, department, and OCGA.

Prior to issuing a subaward, the OCGA Outgoing Subawards Team (OST) conducts a Subrecipient Risk Assessment. If the Subrecipient Risk level is identified as anything other than low, UCLA may include additional requirements in the subaward such as more frequent reporting and prior approval (from UCLA) for specific subrecipient actions, to mitigate and manage the identified risks. 

OST performs additional Subrecipient Risk Assessments at least annually and modifies the subaward as necessary. 

Last Updated: January 23, 2024