In addition to any forms addressed in the sponsor guidelines, please be aware that there are additional internal and external forms and procedures that may be required, as a part of a complete proposal package. These forms are used to comply with UC and UCLA policy, as well as federal regulations.

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Internal Forms

  • Extramural Proposal Approval and Submission Summary (“EPASS”). 
    Required for all preliminary proposals, proposals, and supplements, as well as some progress reports. This form is used for the review and approval of applications or proposals to be submitted to extramural funding agencies by OCGA. This form is for campus use only and should not be forwarded to the funding agency.
  • Financial Conflict of Interest Forms, such as the 740 and 700-U.
    UCLA employees with responsibility for the design, conduct or reporting of a project supported in whole or in part by contracts or grants for research, material transfer agreements, and the receipt of certain gifts, are required to file disclosures of financial interests as required under State of California, and Federal regulations and policy, and UC policies. For additional disclosure requirements, you may refer to the Conflict of Interest Matrix. For further help regarding disclosure forms and electronic disclosures using eDGE, please see the Research Policy and Compliance website.
  • Outgoing Subaward/MCA.
    Please visit the Outgoing Subaward Team's Required Forms page for detailed information about required forms at the Proposal Stage.
  • PI Exception letters. 
    For individuals who would like to serve as Principal Investigator but do not meet the UCLA Policy 900 eligibility requirements, this letter must be included. A sample PI Exception letter can be found here.

For a comprehensive list of forms, please refer to our Forms page for further assistance.

External Forms

Specific funding agencies have commonly used applications. These forms commonly include the SF424; however, please make sure that the correct funding opportunity is selected when preparing the proposal. For additional information, please see our Electronic Resources page which details both internal and external systems that are useful for proposal submission.

If UCLA is a subrecipient to another entity's application, UCLA will be asked to provide additional subrecipient forms: either a FDP Expanded Clearinghouse Subrecipient Letter of Intent (LOI) or a Subrecipient Commitment Form. Institutions have their own internal versions of LOIs or Subrecipient Commitment Forms, so the prime applicant (pass-through entity) will need to provide their version to UCLA. If the pass-through entity does not have a required subrecipient form, UCLA departments can elect to use UCLA’s Letter of Intent (but again, this is only an option in cases where the pass-through entity does not have its own form). If the prime applicant (pass-through entity) is another UC campus, UCLA will be asked to provide a UC Multiple Campus Agreement (MCA) Commitment Form.

Other Resources

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