Reporting and Importance

  • Certain Funding Agencies may require the completion and submission of milestone reports.
  • It is important to read the award notice and conditions for these reporting requirements. Reports may be required quarterly, semi-annually or annually, and must be submitted on a timely basis as indicated in the award conditions.
  • Some examples of reports include: technical/narrative/progress reports, final reports, final financial, invention/patent reports, milestone reporting, equipment management report, and financial reports.
  • Please note review and submission of reports may require both OCGA and EFM involvement.
  • Sponsors may withhold payments (and payments to all awards to UCLA) if reporting requirements are not met in a timely manner.

Reporting Tools

Some sponsors may require the use of sponsor specific systems for the submission of reports. Please work with your OCGA Contact for the submission of reports.

Page Last Updated: February 12, 2024