Alexis Wright
Contract and Grant Specialist(310) 794-2644Contracts and Incoming Subawards
Alice Young-Singleton
Contract and Grant Officer(310) 794-0236Contracts and Incoming Subawards
Amy CheungContract and Grant Specialist(310) 794-0236Proposal and Award Intake
Anna LauContract and Grant Officer(310) 794-3511Contracts and Incoming Subawards
Ashley SeveraContract and Grant Analyst(310) 206-9904Outgoing Subawards
Cindy GilbertAssistant Director(310) 267-4814Electronic Research Administration and Records Management
Eleanor ForbesContract and Grant Officer(310) 794-6945Grants and Cooperative Agreements
Evan GarciaContract and Grant Officer(310) 794-0171Grants and Cooperative Agreements
Flora O'BrienContract and Grant Officer(310) 206-0807Contracts and Incoming Subawards
Frank Falcon IIContract and Grant Analyst(310) 206-9898Grants and Cooperative Agreements
Harveen KukrejaAssistant Director(310) 794-0402Proposal and Award Intake
Helen KimContract and Grant Specialist
(310) 794-9636Contracts and Incoming Subawards
Jarelye PicadoContract and Grant Specialist(310) 794-0201Outgoing Subawards
Jaylin DanielsContract and Grant Specialist(310) 794-4130Contracts and Incoming Subawards
Jessica CarcamoContract and Grant Specialist(310) 206-9150Grants and Cooperative Agreements
Jessica KimContract and Grant Analyst(310) 983-3673Grants and Cooperative Agreements
Jessica PakContract and Grant Specialist(310) 794-0397Grants and Cooperative Agreements
Jesus ReyesContract and Grant Specialist(310) 267-4058Outgoing Subawards
Jim FongAssistant Director(310) 794-0608Contracts and Incoming Subawards
Joe GibbsSenior Contract and Grant Analyst(310) 794-6937Contracts and Incoming Subawards
Johanna HarawaySenior Contract and Grant Analyst(310) 267-4066Proposal and Award Intake
John MonettiSenior Contract and Grant Analyst(310) 794-9580Grants and Cooperative Agreements
Joshua LeeContract and Grant Specialist(310) 794-0318Proposal and Award Intake
Julia ZhuContract and Grant Officer(310) 794-0155Contracts and Incoming Subawards
Kathy KawamuraAssistant Director(310) 794-5435Grants and Cooperative Agreements
Kimberly SmithSenior Contract and Grant Analyst(310) 794-8586Outgoing Subawards
Kristin LundAssistant Director(310) 794-3596Outgoing Subawards
Kurt DurlesserContract and Grant Analyst(310) 794-0128Electronic Research Administration and Records Management
Linda PhungAssistant to the Director (310) 794-0549Office of Contract and Grant Administration
Lydia McHamContract and Grant Analyst(310) 794-0167Contracts and Incoming Subawards
Maria ShuchSenior Contract and Grant Analyst(310) 267-2483Grants and Cooperative Agreements
Mary HaskinsContract and Grant Officer(310) 794-0622Outgoing Subawards
Megan OberContract and Grant Analyst(310) 794-0643Contracts and Incoming Subawards
Mellani NolanContract and Grant Officer(310) 825-2650Outgoing Subawards
Miesha BaileyContract and Grant Officer(310) 794-0259Contracts and Incoming Subawards
Patrick BustoContract and Grant Analyst(310) 794-2979Outgoing Subawards
Paula NobleContract and Grant Officer(310) 794-0216Contracts and Incoming Subawards
Rachel TatContract and Grant Analyst(310) 794-6392Grants and Cooperative Agreements
Rebecca YuanSenior Contract and Grant Analyst(310) 794-0548Outgoing Subawards
Sam ParkContract and Grant Specialist(310) 983-3529Grants and Cooperative Agreements
Sam PerezContract and Grant Analyst(310) 794-0618Award Intake
Samantha AbeloveContract and Grant Analyst(310) 794-1407Grants and Cooperative Agreements
Sharon Y. MartinContract and Grant Officer(310) 794-0179Contracts and Incoming Subawards
Shawn HoffmanSenior Contract and Grant Analyst(310) 206-0318Outgoing Subawards
Snayder Coca SotoContract and Grant Specialist(310) 206-2689Contracts and Incoming Subawards
Thomas MannContract and Grant Analyst(310) 794-3191Grants and Cooperative Agreements
Tracey FraserSenior Director (310) 825-0671Office of Contract and Grant Administration
Travis DadigianSenior Contract and Grant Analyst(310) 794-0477Contracts and Incoming Subawards
Ummi SayersSenior Contract and Grant Analyst(310) 794-7183Grants and Cooperative Agreements
Yessenia SarmientoContract and Grant Officer(310) 794-0393Contracts and Incoming Subawards

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