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The California Arts Council is accepting requests for extension of deadlines for applicants who are affected by fire or power outages. Details are provided below. For those principal investors who need to request an extension, send email with the information requested, below, to In addition to the information requested by CAC, provide the following information for internal use:

  • Administering Department for the Proposed Project (including FS code)
  • Department Contact Information (name, email phone number)
  • PI Contact Information (name, email, phone number)

The Office of Contract and Grant Administration will send the request to CAC on behalf of the University.

Dear California Arts Council applicant,

We have been hearing from our communities, and we recognize that some California Arts Council grant applicants may be affected by the wildfires and power shutoffs at varying degrees of severity.

In response to this statewide emergency, the California Arts Council is accepting extension requests for applicants who have been impacted by wildfires and utility-directed power shutoffs.

If you are impacted by wildfires and utility-directed power shutoffs:
Contact us as soon as possible if your organization anticipates it will be unable to submit a grant application OR any grant application support materials by a deadline.

Extension requests may be considered for any upcoming grant program deadline. If you were unable to submit an application prior to last week’s Professional Development grant program deadline, a request for extension will also be considered.

How to submit an extension request
Please submit your request in writing to Interim Programs Officer Josy Miller at The following information is required for an extension request:

  • List the principal street address where your organization is based (where you would typically prepare your grant application).
  • List the grant program(s) to which you are applying
  • Provide a brief description of your current challenge as it relates to wildfires and/or utility-directed power shutoffs and how it impacts your organization’s ability to submit an online application
  • Provide an estimated date of when you may be able to submit a complete application online.

Extensions requests will be processed and responded to as soon as possible.


The CAC Programs Team
Josy Miller, Ph.D.
Interim Programs Officer
California Arts Council
1300 I Street, Suite 930
Sacramento, CA 95814
P (916) 322-6385