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The electronic EPASS system has been modified in the following ways:

  • On the Checklist page, the question regarding Outgoing Agreements has been shortened, and instead of prompting you to type the name of each subaward entity and upload a document with applicable documents, a new page will appear when you navigate to the next page of the SmartForm:
Outgoing Agreements Question

The new page asks for more specific information about the proposed Outgoing Agreement, including the name of the entity, the PI, documents related to the agreement, and compliance information.

  • The ‘Subrecipient’ dropdown is a picklist where you can select from any entities that already exist in the database of subrecipients:
Subrecipient Dropdown

  • When a subrecipient is selected, the ‘Subrecipient PI’ dropdown will filter to just those PIs that are currently in the database (also searchable), or you can manually identify a PI:
Subrecipient PI Dropdown

  • If the subrecipient does not exist, or if the PI is not in the list, both can be manually identified by clicking the respective ‘click here’ buttons under each search field:
Manual Identification

  • Once the subrecipient and PI have been identified, you are prompted to upload the relevant documents for the work being done:
Document Upload

  • And answer compliance questions about the proposed work to take place:
Compliance Question

  • Additional subrecipients can be added using the ‘Add Subaward’ button found at the top of the page:
Add Subaward

Please contact EPASS Help if you have any questions, concerns, or run into any issues.