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As a reminder and follow-up to the December 9, 2021 RAF, the use of FORMS-G is required for all NIH, FDA and AHRQ applications with due dates on or after January 25, 2022

FORMS-G application packages are now available in S2S Grants (Cayuse). If the FORMS-G application package that you need does not appear in the Opportunities list, you (or any user) can download the required application package by clicking the Download Opportunities button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. In some cases, both FORMS-F and FORMS-G packages will appear as indicated under the Comp ID heading.

Image of Opportunities list

If you have already started an application with a due date on or after January 25 using FORMS-F, the copy/transform function is available to change the application to FORMS-G (see p. 8 of the RAF presentation). Due to changes in the form fields, preparers and reviewers are reminded to thoroughly review transformed applications by:

  • Checking the ERRORS and WARNINGS
  • Using the “print” function (using “select included forms” to view all included documents) to generate and review a PDF of the entire application
  • Using the Validate Proposal button on the Electronic Submission page to run a final validation check

Failure to submit a complete, error-free application using the correct forms for the intended due date may result in the application being withdrawn and removed from funding consideration.

Please review the RAF presentation, including all referenced resources. If you have system-related questions, you can email us at For questions related to general or FOA-specific guidelines, contact the Grant Officer or Analyst for your department.