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Graduate Division has posted Fee Remission and Non-resident Supplemental Tuition Remission rates for AY 2013/14. When preparing budgets, the following costs should be budgeted for all qualifying[1] Graduate Student Researchers (GSRs):

Benefit Type Cost per Quarter Total AY 2013/14
Health Insurance (100%) $879[2] $2,637
Fee Remission 1 (100% of Tuition) $3,740 $11,220
Fee Remission 2 (100% of Student Services Fee) $324 $972
Total $4,943 $14,829

In addition, $5,034 per quarter or $15,102 per academic year should be budgeted for qualifying[1] non-resident GSRs.

As a reminder, these costs are excluded from F&A assessment. For questions regarding budgeting of GSR fee remissions, please contact your OCGA Team.

[1]For complete information on qualifications, see the Academic Apprentice Personnel Manual.
[2]Estimated amount of $879.21 is rounded to the nearest whole dollar.