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As announced at the February 2017 Research Administrator’s Forum (RAF), a number of changes have been made to the EPASS and eDGE Disclosure Tracking forms. A summary of changes is provided below, as well as detailed information in the RAF presentation.


  • Section 5: Sponsor Information – provide more clear information on sponsor and prime sponsor guidelines.
  • Section 6: Proposal Checklist
    • further define cost sharing,
    • add Exemption # to the Human Subjects question.
  • Campus email addresses and hyperlinks have been updated and/or corrected.

eDGE Annual Financial Disclosure Tracking form

  • Updated and revised format to include non-competing continuation applications.

If you have saved previous versions of the forms on your local computer, please replace them with the versions dated 03/14/17 (attached below).

To ensure that we have the most current and accurate data, OCGA cannot accept previous versions of the EPASS or eDGE Disclosure Tracking forms after June 1, 2017. The forms are also available on the OCGA website.

Please contact your OCGA Team if you have questions.