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Based on feedback from both campus and OCGA users, and changes in ORA business processes, the Extramural Proposal Approval and Submission Summary (EPASS) form and instructions have been revised. The revised version, dated 02/04/13, replaces the version dated 06/06/12 and is attached for immediate use. Please replace copies of the previous version of the EPASS that you have stored on your local computers with this version. If you currently have EPASS forms in process, you do not need to start over with the new version. OCGA will accept the version dated 06/06/12 until Friday, March 29, 2013. Beginning April 1, 2013 EPASS forms prepared using the 06/06/12 version will be returned to the preparer and may delay proposal processing.

The attached RAF presentation from February 2013 highlights the changes to the form.

The form and instructions will be posted to the OCGA website and ORA Online Resource Center during the week of February 25.

Please send any feedback, questions or concerns related to the form and/or instructions to your OCGA Team.