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An issue has been reported in S2S Grants related to inappropriate Key Persons warnings in subaward proposals. This issue will not cause any problems with submission or validation by or the sponsoring agency. The warnings can be safely disregarded. Details are as follows.

The Issue

When a subaward proposal is attached to a prime proposal in S2S Grants, some users are seeing this warning appear when it should not:
Warning: [Key Person 1][Cayuse] Subaward Key Person First Name Last Name not included on Prime, but has substantial data. Was this your intention?

Subaward Proposal Warning Message

This Warning can appear even when subaward Key Persons are included in the prime proposal correctly.

If these warnings are showing up when they should not, users may also see a mismatch between the number of warnings the prime says are in the subaward and how many warnings show in the subaward when validating the proposal prior to submission. For example, the prime proposal may say something like:
Warning: [subawards][Cayuse] Subaward Subaward Name has 1 warning.

However, when you validate the proposal, it might say this:
Subaward Name: 0 errors; 2 warnings

This mismatch has to do with the inappropriate Key Persons warning showing up in the subaward but not in the prime.

What you need to do

When validating the proposal, review all errors and warnings carefully. If there are warnings related to the Key Persons in the subaward that appear to be incorrect, they can be disregarded. Do, however, review your proposal to ensure the checkbox is selected to include all Key Persons in the prime.

Example of how to select checkboxes labeled 'Include in Prime' when validating proposals

Keep in mind, if your Key Persons are appearing in the prime as expected, this warning can be safely disregarded and will not cause issues with your submission.

The vendor is aware of this issue. We will notify you when it has been resolved. In the meantime, please email with questions or concerns, and provide identifying information about your proposal such as Proposal Name, PI, Sponsor, etc.