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In an effort to keep our research community apprised of developments related to the partial government shutdown due to the lapse in appropriations, updates will be posted here until the federal government resumes normal business operations.

  • Posted 10/23/13
    NIH Update
  • Posted 10/22/13
    Resumption of Operations at NIH, NSF, NASA
  • Posted 10/17/13
    Reopening of Federal Government
  • Posted 10/14/13
    NIH, Caltech and LLNL Updates
  • Posted 10/7/13 and DOJ Office of Justice Programs
  • Posted 10/3/13
    Availability of Federal Submissions Systems
  • Posted 10/2/13
    NIH and NSF Peer Review Processes Suspended During Government Closure
  • Posted 10/1/13
    NIH and NSF Updates
  • Posted 9/30/13
    Impacts of Potential Government Shutdown